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gap-yearAre you wondering what a gap year is? Well, it is not rocket science. A gap year is a one-year period you take off (typically after high-school or even after a bachelor’s undergraduate degree) before you continue studying. A medical degree in Australia is known to be costly and long. The expensive school fees and the length of the commitment are one of the reasons why many students take a gap year before medical school in Australia.

What should you do in a gap year before Medical School?

There are a lot of activities you can do in your gap year to ensure it is productive.

Part-time job

With the increasing cost of the medical degree in Australia, you might want to look for a job before you enrol for a medical degree.  There are many casual and seasonal jobs in Australia that can bring you money. Some of the tasks include Online tutoring, farming, the lifeguard at the beach or seeking employment from the medical field as an assistant researcher. Seasonal jobs do not require permanent employees so that you can leave anytime you wish for your medical degree.


Another way to spend your gap year is by volunteering. Nothing is as good as giving back to society. When you give voluntary services, you impact positively in the community. When you volunteer, you get to experience that can boost your curriculum vitae when you will be seeking employment.


Being a doctor comes with a lot of responsibilities. When you become a medical doctor,yYou will have limited or no time for yourself. Besides, you will not be working and volunteering all the time during the gap year. The gap year is the perfect time to explore Australia and travel overseas.  Australia has stunning beaches and islands that you can explore for fun. Australia is close to other Asian countries such as Japan, Malaysia, and the Philippines that you can travel further.

Family Time

Education can tend to rob you of family time. You are always in school and studying, and you do not get time to bond with your family. Pursuing a medical degree requires time and hard work, and you may have little time for your family. The gap year is a perfect time to spend with family.  You can decide to stay at home during the gap year and help parents with farming, house chores or even volunteer with them as a family.

Explore your talents and hobbies

Everyone has a talent, right? The gap year is a perfect time to spend on exploring and expanding on your skill. If you are good at drawing, draw the pictures and sell them.  Your talent may help you earn cash during your medical degree.

Learn a New Language or Skill

Australia is a multicultural society. People from all over the world run to Australia for opportunities. The numerous people speak different languages. You will increase your medical competency if you learn about the cultures and styles of the patients you will be treating.

The gap year period may be beneficial or disadvantageous to some people. Some benefit by learning new languages, traveling, spending time with families, exploring talents, while others are disadvantaged when they lose scholarships.