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Whether you are going to med school soon or just want to figure out if it’s for you, welcome. Take a read of our articles and site. We will be adding new content all the time, all with one goal in mind to help you make great choices…


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If you have any questions or suggestions on how we can do a better job of preparing you for medical school….perhaps there’s something specific you are concerned about the medical school exams or exam prep, or perhaps you just want to ask us a question…please click the button here and complete our form.

Medical Exam Prep

Getting into Medical School is not as simple as other schools. There’s the GAMSAT. Wonder what the hell that is? We got you covered. Check out this section of our site.

Medical School Prep Mission


Mission & Vision

The world needs more great doctors, not just educationally able people. We don’t think that getting into medical school is easy enough for the right people. Sure you can be book smart but are you driven to heal people. It takes a unique type of individual to want to spend the rest of their life healing. So many people become a Doctor for the wrong reasons, like money for example.

Our Mission is to help as many people as want to get into Medical School to do so just that little bit easier.




Our News & Articles

Our latest five articles, designed to lubricate your journey to and through medical school can be found below. For a full list of all articles you can go to our articles section

How to get into Medical School in Australia

Contemporary medicine is quite exciting, dynamic, and challenging. Medicine is quite a rewarding and exciting career and the training needed to accomplish this goal can be extremely rigorous and takes almost one decade after your high school years. Medical school entry is quite competitive and you will have to demonstrate perseverance for you to complete your training. Additionally, prospective doctors must have a strong desire of helping other people, a love for learning, and a genuine intellectual curiosity about medicine.

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Can You Have A Life in Medical School?

Australia had 14,521 medical students in 2009 studying in various universities across the country. This figure increases yearly, but one thing remains constant - the challenge of balancing studies and a social life. Studies show that medical students are...

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Getting to Medical School

It's a bit of an arduous journey, as it should be. You have to do well in high school, do either a UMAT or GAMSAT exam, which you will need to prepare for and then any number of additional steps including interview to qualify and be accepted into a medical school. We...

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A Word

From Our Founder

” I wish every would be medical student nothing but massive success. Whether you want to be a surgeon, an ER doctor, first responder, dentist or even a vet, there is a magic in a life of healing. It’s my mission to support you with the information you need to make a great decision. We’re no where near where I want to be with this site yet but evolving quickly and “it’s going to be great. Really great. It’ll be the best”. ”

– Jessica Austin